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It’s Spring in Minnesota and that means ticks and mosquitoes are back.

ImageSpring1Protect your animals with Iverhart Plus, Frontline and Revolution products.

We recommend seven months of preventative treatments preceded by a four part blood test testing for
Heartworm, Lyme disease, Erlichia and Anaplasmosis (all tick-borne diseases).

We offer competitive pricing on Frontline, Revolution and Iverhart Plus (heartworm preventative) products and provide FDA approved drugs.

Call to schedule your dog’s spring blood test today — 651 255-0071.

Pet Concerns

Foods to Avoid:

Onions and garlic (raw, cooked or powdered)
Contain disulfides and sulfoxides, which can damage red blood cells and cause anemia.
Cats are more susceptible than dogs.
Onions are more toxic than garlic.

Milk and other dairy product
Some adult cats and dogs do not have enough lactase, which breaks down the lactose in milk. This can result in diarrhea. Lactose-free milk products are available for pets.

Chocolate, coffee, tea, and other caffeine
Contain caffeine and other substances, which can be toxic and affect the heart and nervous systems.

Grapes and raisins
Contain an unknown toxin, which may damage the kidneys.

Pain Relievers:

For dogs and cats
Aspirin is OK, phone to obtain the correct dosage for you pet.
Tylenol is deadly to cats, and ibuprofen should not be given.

Products of Interest

Feliway Electric Diffuser:

Control cat urine, marking, scratching and stress. Enables reactions to stressful situations to be controlled and avoided.

Reactions to stress are expressed as:

  • Urine Marking
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Vertical Scratching
  • Reduced desire to play
  • Reduced desire to interact

Use Feliway in the following stress-inducing situations:

  • Adoption
  • Overcrowding
  • Vacation homes
  • Moving to a new house
  • Introducing new arrivals
  • Rearrangment of furniture

Gentle Leader Headcollar:

The Gentle LeaderĀ® headcollar is NOT a muzzle. When fitted properly, your dog is free to open his mouth to eat, drink, pant, fetch, bark and even bite – except when you close his mouth by pulling on the leash. Gentle LeaderĀ® features two soft nylon straps – the collar portion fits high and snug at the top of the neck, and the nose loop fits loosely and comfortably across the base of the muzzle. Each strap has a distinct and important effect.